My Favorite AG Blogs

Hello, human and vinyl beings! Today I made a list of my favorite AG blogs to promote these awesome people and so you can see their amazing content as well. But first of all, let me blab about my life for a bit. If you don’t wanna hear this, you can scroll down.

So after coming out to you guys, I was in a weird state because I honestly didn’t think that I would get this reaction. I will probably write a post about this later. But talking to my friends and reading helped me. I read The Red Pyramid and The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan, which were really awesome and I can’t believe I didn’t read them until now. I ship Carter and Zia, but not sure about Sadie…My favorite characters are Amos and Khufu (thank you, Rick, for more weight diversity in your books, though I’m still complaining). I also read Orphan Train Girl by Christina Baker Kline, which was an amazing book. I love historical fiction, and it was truly beautiful. My favorite quote from there is “Nobody can tell you who you are, nobody but you.” I also read Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann again. I definitely need a copy of it. It’s so helpful discussing asexuality and explaining it, and I see myself in different characters in the book so much. It’s also honest and open much more than any other books I read, and is, unfortunately, more realistic.

Okay, now for the list!

AGs in Alaska have a lot of funny photo stories and lots of outdoor photoshoots. Their pictures are amazing! Once in a while there are great reviews as well.

Doll Days have amazing photoshoots as well. I especially love the scenes and rooms they set up, which are truly inspiring. They also have cool, simple crafts and sometimes giveaways. They also have a YouTube channel.

American Girl Fan have a lot of doll crafts and hairstyles, including many things for historical dolls. There are also photoshoots and photo stories. Lots of times they have a post with links to other posts that are related to the same topic, which is very useful.

American Girl Outsider post about issues in the company and fandom and their opinions about products. There are also great reviews and a lot of them are for historical items.

Jinjia Mixed Goods have a lot of paper crafts and sometimes free doll printables, especially books. There are also some sewing patterns. Most things are either for historical dolls or STEM-related. They also have an Etsy shop.

Delightful World of Dollies have lots of sweet and funny photo stories. They also have a YouTube channel with stopmotions and post reviews once in a while as well.

So these are my favorite blogs! I am putting all of them in a new, updating page on this blog. Totally check all of these out. And, before you so, here’s a quote:

“You are a strange person.”

“I prefer the term fabulously weird.”

– Rick Riordan, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard III: The Ship of the Dead

Also, check out this fall photostory competition!

Have a great weekend!



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